About Me

My Background

Elizabeth Morisette at the DCAC Fundraiser

I always loved weaving.  As a child I was constantly making environments out of found objects.  I even spent a whole weekend wrapping my friends swing set in yarn.  I then spent the next weekend, equally as happy untangling the swingset.

My Medium

Detail of "Oversight" a weaving made from vintage eyeglass dies.

Other peoples trash is truly my treasure!  I use upcycled materials such as bottle caps, hair rollers, and bread tabs in my work.  These items are not only readily available, but also add whimsy and a larger message to my work.

My Inspiration

Close up image of cursive letter made of upcycled fabric from the 'Good Penmanship" series.

Materials inspire me.  Every work I make starts with a box of 'stuff' often set aside as trash by many.  My quest is to make this pile of stuff into a beautiful weaving or vessel.